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“If it needs welded, I’ll weld it” Gus Gray Circa 1985

Gus Gray founded Gray Welding in 1985 shortly after the steel mill where he worked was unexpectedly shut down. At the steel mill, Gus was well known for his hard work ethic, his attention to detail and quality and for an unmatched skill at the art of welding.

When the mill closed, Gus decided to take his skills, along with a small “buzz box” welder, a drill press and some hand tools to see if he could succeed with his own welding business.

Gray Welding started in a small back alley garage in West Homestead, PA. Gus began doing small jobs for local residents and machine shops. He took on the motto “No job too big or small.” Gus often said, “If it needs welded, I'll weld it.” “If someone had a pot handle they wanted fixed, I’d weld it for them.” No matter how big or how busy Gray Welding became, Gus never forgot the reputation and company growth resulted by doing the “little” things.

Gus developed a loyal following with several local companies. In 1990, when one of Gray Welding’s best customers decided to move, Gus was asked to share some space with them at the new location. Although Gray Welding was just getting by, Gus decided to move our business to the more modern location.

From 1990 to 1992, Gray Welding remained stable with very little growth. Gus’s son Bernie lived in Florida and was considering moving his family back to Pittsburgh. Bernie’s business background was in sales, estimating and architectural drafting. After numerous telephone conversations between Gus and his son Bernie, it was mutually decided that the two would combine their talents and experience. Their goal was to grow Gray Welding into one of the best fabrication and welding service companies in Southwestern Pennsylvania. When Bernie moved back to Pittsburgh, he joined his father in maximizing the potential of Gray Welding.

From these humble beginnings, Gus and Bernie grew their reputation and their company through four expansions into what it is today, a modern 47,000 sq. foot welding and fabrication facility in Braddock, PA. which currently employs 14 welders/shop personnel, 2 estimators and even Bernie’s Mom, Barb who left her prior job to handle the reception and accounting for Gray Welding.

Gus retired in 2005 but Bernie continues to handle all of the day-to-day operations of the company. When asked about where the company is today, Bernie had this to say:

“Our company was established by a hard work ethic and commitment to quality. We continue to grow because of the ethics that were instilled in me by my father and demanded of our employees. We have been fortunate to hire people that feel the same about their workmanship as we always have and a broad customer base that truly appreciate our efforts. We plan to continue to provide quality to all of our customers and yes, as long as I’m still here, we’ll still weld someone’s pot handle, lawn chair, bed frame, you name it, we’ve seen it and if it needs welded, we’ll weld it.”

Gray Welding - est. 1985